Animal Kingdom Updates – February 11, 2012

This week’s Animal Kingdom Update includes my favorite show and yet another area that I have not explored in the park.  You would think that with the number of times that I have been to the park that I have seen everything there is to see.  You’d be wrong.  I spent sometime exploring one of the Discovery Trails around The Tree of Life.  I’ve got some great pictures for you from it too!

Crowds at the entrance - the cheerleaders are in town!

Kodak Picture Sport at Entrance

The left side of the Oasis is open again

The right side of the Oasis is now closed for refurbishment

The Tree of Life

Lesser Flamingo

Paroon Shark-Catfish

Pictures from the Tree of Life Garden.

Cast Members at the Pooh and Tigger Greeting Trail

The Dig Site

"Map" of the Dig Site

Both side of Primeval Whirl are open

Finding Nemo The Musical

This etching is based upon a sketch by Joe Rohde

Festival of the Lion King


Rhinocerous Iguana

Entrance to Rainforest Cafe

Let the Memories Begin!

Where is my favorite Tumble Monkey?

So I made it to Animal Kingdom and started playing with my camera to see what kind of pictures it could take:

I grabbed a schedule and saw that the Festival of the Lion King was starting soon so I made my way over to Camp Minnie Mickey.  The crowds were really low on this particular day:

I got a seat in the Lion section.  That was a new section for me!  ROAR!

I love the Tumble Monkeys.  I must admit that I’ve had a bit of a crush on one of them.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t part of this show.  I was disappointed because I had excellent zoom on my new camera.

Not my favorite Tumble Monkey…

I then gave my video camera feature a try.  I got a few seconds of video from the show:

After the show, I needed to find Donald so that I could have my picture taken with him and my medal.  It was a fairly easy task since I was right near the Character Greeting Trails.  Donald loved my medal and made a big deal about it.

Again, the Christmas decorations were still up, so I had some fun taking pictures of them:

While I was watching the show, I got a message from Tim saying that he wasn’t going to be able to make it to hang out later, so I made my way further into the park…


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